The story of Bottles & Wood begins in the San Diego “hoods” of North Park, Little Italy and Hillcrest in the fall of 2009. During a time when jobs were tough to get, and the Mira Mar landfill was projected to reach capacity, Bottles & Wood cofounder Steve Cherry thought it was time to do what the folks in Sacramento and Washington couldn’t, create local jobs and raise the visibility of a process known as “upcycling.” Steve created a business which took beer, wine, liquor, and soda bottles and repurposed them into glassware, serving ware, lights, and jewelry.

In the years that followed the business was responsible for creating dozens of local jobs and raising the visibility and awareness of upcycling and the process of building a sustainable business. The Company shipped tens of thousands of glasses across the globe eventually relocating to Las Vegas to more economically procure a larger supply of bottles and serve its Las Vegas based clients.
Then, in the spring of 2014 Steve established a partnership with long-time San Diego philanthropist and entrepreneur Zelda Waxenberg. Zelda’s passion for education and charity led her to embrace the concept of local job creation, environmental education and sustainability and the two formed Bottles & Wood. Their intent was to use the process of upcycling as a tool for the education and inspiration of kids and millennials on the wisdom of upcycling. Bottles & Wood repurposes glass, wood, steel and other locally sourced waste streams into products for the gift and hospitality industries.

To that end, the team built a unique new manufacturing facility and showcase venue in the Clairemont Mesa neighborhood of San Diego. Fully equipped to work with glass, wood and metal, the shop is capable of hot and cold glass work and has laser capabilities to take the art of upcycling to a new level of branding and personalization.


Bottles & Wood targets the gift, hospitality and beverage industries with a focus on custom design and production of glassware and décor for breweries, tasting rooms, bars, hotels and restaurants. Our local clients include The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, Urban Solace, Café Chole, The Blind Burro, Pacifica Del Mar, True North and many more. The Company is establishing a nationwide network of sales representatives who will target the gift and home décor industries with our product line.


Aside from leading the way in hospitality product design and innovation, our goal is to educate our community about the benefits of upcycling and serve as an exemplary model of a “sustainable” business. We give to nearly all local non-profits that ask for support in furthering their cause and organize bottle drives to help with fundraising! We also make our “urban chic” retail showroom venue available to just about any organization at no charge as yet another means of raising awareness of what we do and why we do it!

If you have any ideas about how to further raise the visibility and community awareness of the benefits of upcycling and sustainability please let us know! We’re all about engaging our community in furthering our mission of education and supporting the creation of sustainable business